Fri. May 20th, 2022
President Ahmed Madobe of Jubbaland promoting Major Mahad Mohamed Islam

A senior Jubbaland military commander has sensationally claimed the Federal Government is exploring means to capture parts and set base to eventually end Ahmed Madobe’s reign.

Major Mahad Mohamed Islam, who was promoted by President Ahmed Madobe Saturday told journalists he had been approached and paid by National spy chief Fahad Yasin to lead the operation.
According to the Major Mahad who is the commander of Darwiish battalion in Afmadow, Yasin who heads the National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) approached him for the mission to capture areas around Afmadow and deploy Somali National Army.

To kickstart the mission, the soldier said he was sent $80,000 with the promise of a further $1 million and a house in Turkey upon completion of the task. Major Mahad claims that he has the documents to prove the allegations.

The Federal Government has not responded to the claims which add another layer of animosity between the two levels of government. The Federal Government has vowed not to recognize Madobe’s presidency following a controversial poll in Kismayu last September.

Mogadishu announced last October plans to hold fresh elections in Jubbaland but it seems it has since shelved the idea.

The remarks by the soldier today come amid tensions in Gedo region a forth night after a deadly clash between Federal forces and Jubbaland troops in Belet-Hawo which spilled into the Kenyan side.A tripartite meeting bringing together Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia to resolve the border dispute was put on hold by Nairobi Thursday following the corona virus outbreak.

By Rasaas