Thu. May 26th, 2022

Fik- OgadenJijiga, June 18, 2014 – Ethiopian troops committed killing and detention on several people at Fik town in the remote region of Nogob, located in the west of  the Somali region..

The residents in the town told the Nogob news website reporter in Jijiga.  Ethiopian military based in outskirt of the town carried out an investigation raid during sleeping hours on last Sunday. The incident came while two elder Ethiopian envoy Ahmed Yusuf Habane and Mahdi Ayub escaped nearly to catch ONLF Insurgent army.

The armies took out from their homes eleven people, where they executed three men and detained eight people include two females.

A resident in Fik who refused to be revealed his identity in this news for safety reasons confirmed to the reports the execution and detention in the town. Resident told that they had buried three bodies of young men found at the center of the town on Monday morning. And families revealed two females detained  in Fik town named Hodan Tamaan and Ubah Abdi and unnamed six men.


By Rasaas