Mon. Jul 4th, 2022

Jijiga, February 26, 2020 – There are tenses in Jijiga town in the Somali region while armed vehicles with large military forces entered into the town. According to sources in Jijiga, these troops came from the town of Harar (75km), which is the headquarter of the eastern division of the Ethiopian army.

It is not clear why the government deployed for these armies or what action will take and who will be affected still not revealed it.

There have been political disputes between Somaliland and Ethiopian government after Somaliland rejected reconciliation plan initiated by Turkey and Qatar for Somalia and Somaliland administration. It may be possible the government intends to armies present border as pressure to the administration for accepting reconciliation.

It is also reported that there has been a quarrel between the ONLF and the Somali regional authority. President Cagjar ordered to be shut down ONLF offices in Jijiga, took over vehicles, as well as to end the security guards accompanying with the ONLF officials. This may be aggression intended to ONLF’s reaction to push away election on August 29, 2020.

On last Tuesday Ethiopia announced to release 63 high-ranking detainees, belong to Amhara and Tigray nations, in the announcement did not mention to former Somali President Abdi Iley. Head of Somali regional administration was frustrated and regretted the release two female Somalis fro jail in Addis Ababa.

Meanwhile, residents of the Somali region are strongly opposed to Abiy Ahmed’s new policy with proxy Somali leader. It has been abolished, the party that ruled the Somali region for the last 27 years. It converges on Ethiopian politics with one party headed by Abiy Ahmed

By Rasaas